About us

         Happy Monstah is a graphic novel following the journey of two strong willed girls learning the power of friendship and determination. This story focuses on the adventures of two African American leads to show the world that we can be strong, magical and vulnerable. We believe that here is a place in cartoons /anime for authentic stories and diversity from our point of view. We support diversity by not only creating two incredibly dynamic leads but also including a colorful support team they meet on their worldly travels. Each character they meet in various regions have powers unique to their area/culture.  They grow together forming their own sisterhood tackling topic about mental illness, race, sexuality and even class disparities. We're doing our best to have as many self identifying girls represented through honest eyes and open hearts. 

                 Happy Monstah also duals as a whimsical confectionary street wear brand that centers around uplifting alternative and quirky interests. Happy Monstah is about inspiring beautiful, brown, quirky and nerdy people to be themselves and love themselves in the skin they're in.  We serve as a reminder that we are not defined by the ideas that others place on us, but instead, we find joy in being unapologetically different.

                Happy Monstah is an artist owned store created by Tiana Mone'e and Nia Imani. We are two sisters who love to create and share our work.