Happy Monstah World

Happy Monstah is an action-adventure journey of five girls from all around the world who are only meeting for the one purpose they’ve been destined to fulfill. To save the world from itself.  Earth is dealing with corrupted Gods (Mother Nature Children) to restart earth and bring it to its natural state......A World without Humans! Only one girl from each area of the world is able to gain a power specific to that region to take down these corrupted gods. Unfortunately, society sees these girls as threats and are on the attack. They are hunted down by ordinary citizens, the government, corrupted gods, and scientists. Their stories also deal with navigating mental health in minority communities, self-identity, prejudice, trafficking, and the anxiety that comes with the everyday life of being someone who is seen as different.  The goal is to represent as many cultures authentically as possible and to show that even though we're different, we're still human. We don't want to make a character for the sake of saying they're this race. They don't just happen to be that race, they have a story to tell and you should listen.