Learn more about each character!

Chill out to the music to get a feel of each character while reading their bios.

Mone’e Rose aka Monstah

Mone’e, aka Monstah, is Happy’s older sister. She is a regular 16-year-old with a dark secret. Monstah is very respectful and trustworthy but has a hint of aggression, especially when it comes to the safety and emotional well being of her sister Happy. She feels she must protect her even if her life is on the line. Monstah is mysterious and is very interested in the arts, which will come in handy on their adventure. Monstah’s social life isn’t as “popping” as Happy’s because of her responsibilities to the family and her focus on saving for college.

Imani Rose aka Happy

Happy,15, is the comic relief at times. Her hobbies are video games and being super competitive with everyone around her. Roller skating and drawing are also her past time and comes in handy on her adventure. When she walks into a room, you can feel her positive energy. It actually feels like you're suffocating in a room filled with the aroma of cotton candy. (That’s how sweet it is!) Happy has an incredibly strong relationship with her sister Monstah aka Mone’e. She wants nothing but for her sister to be happy as she is one of the few people that understands that she is dealing with depression, which is worsened by her new condition.

Joy Tashiro

Joy,17, is slightly older than the rest of the girls. Joy is the embodiment of chill. Joy has her powers under control due to her relaxed nature and has been fighting the giants the longest. Joy can’t quiet the storm inside of the giants, so she just keeps fighting it over and over again when it reappears. Joy is a huge foodie, hypebeast, loves to DJ/Mix music. Her interest in music was what helped her control her power. Patience is something she always stresses amongst the group. Everything seems to come naturally to her. So while they are in danger, things always happen to go her way. It may be perceived as luck. She keeps an eye on Happy because she enjoys the contrast between the two. Joy has a younger brother she had to leave behind, so she enjoys watching the bond between Happy and Monstah. Joy wasn’t able to take her brother with her, so sometimes is affects her emotionally.

Fefe Santos

Fefe, 15, is a firecracker! She is ready and eager to take on any new opportunities without thinking things through, which gets the whole crew in really sticky situations. She is scrawny, short, and a loudmouth but in the most endearing way! She gives the team the pep talks when needed. Fefe is ruled by her curiosity along with Happy, and it drives Monstah insane. Fefe is too trusting and forgiving, which also sends them on incredible side quests. Some of these quests are more dangerous as it deals with the evil of humanity. Fefe could care less about what the world thinks or her, but she learns to slow down through her errors when it affects more people than just herself. She learns to care for others and discovers that it makes her stronger.

Boa Ashby

Boa, 16, is a very calm and caring girl, though she can sometimes be a little too independent. At first, she is afraid of new challenges, but with the right encouragement, she confidently takes life by the wheel. She learns over time that responsibilities should be faced head-on, instead of running away as she did in the past. Boa's favorite hobby is surfing because compliments her personality of relaxing and going with the flow. She is also incredibly graceful and perceptive which helps the team understand strange (problems or surroundings). She understands more than most that life has its twists and turns, but that it takes a cool head to handle difficult situations. Boa is struggling with her own issues of sexual identity which can cause her to feel isolated at times. She feels misunderstood and does her best to keep others from feeling the same way. Despite this, she learns a valuable lesson about having courage while traveling with the other girls. Boa and Monstah are both dealing with their internal struggles and this understanding of each other forms a strong friendship between them. The courage Boa learns while fighting the gods of rebirth may be just the strength she needs to accept and share her truth.